Our submission on PAUP

After much hard work and many discussions we have now completed our submission to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.  Please see our submission here.
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All that we have fought for through the Environment Court could be lost if the draft Unitary Plan is not changed.

The draft Unitary Plan makes much of what we have fought for null and void. If we do not act now, everything we have achieved so far may be lost.

The Unitary Plan reduces the 105 pages of the Long Bay Structure Plan to just 12 and has no specific provisions for Okura. In the process it removes critical protection for:

  • The outstanding landscape of the Long Bay Regional Park
  • The Long Bay – Okura Marine Reserve
  • The Heritage Protection Area
  • Ecologies and native bush of the Vaughans Stream


Please click here to download a feedback form and email it to unitaryplan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.


Alternatively, you can download this form, print it, fill in your details, fold it up, tape it closed, and drop it in a post box. It's free to post, so no need for a stamp.


Read more about the draft Unitary Plan and the Long Bay Structure Plan by clicking here.

We made TV3 News. Click here to see the article.

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Phil Yates
Long Bay—Okura Great Park Society

Auckland 2040